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Our elegant location is at 2701 S. MacDill Avenue, Tampa, Florida. We have 5,000 sq. ft of gallery space and over 8,000 beautifully crafted frames to choose from. The new space also features two private viewing rooms and a club room. The viewing rooms allow you to see any work in a home-like setting and give you a private comfortable space to discuss your art needs.



Our exhibitions range from regional artists to master works and all our framing comes with a lifetime guarantee. We specialize in office and home art consultation. Plus, we offer delivery and installation services. With over thirty years of experience, we only provide quality.



Michael Murphy framed his first corporate job in a frame suppliers parking lot, on two sawhorses. Twenty five years later, the passion has grown to become the finest archival framing business and fine art gallery in the Tampa Bay area.





Michael Murphy was born and raised in Tampa and graduated from Plant High School. His passion for the arts started at only 14 when both his brother and cousin were getting their BFA in photography at USF. Michael would skip school to hang out in the Art Department with them.


“There was a lot going on in the Art Department in the early ‘70’s. They had just launched Graphic Studio, famous artists were coming through. It was exciting.” Michael found himself spending much of his time there.


It is ironic how errors of judgement, even as children (skipping school, etc.) could lead us toward our life’s passion and lifelong career goals.


As a freshman at Plant High School, Michael took a part-time job at a gallery in South Tampa after school. When the framer quit, he was offered the job where he taught himself what he needed to know and began framing.


“At 24, I was working for a gallery whose owner was going out of town for several months and had a job for a doctor’s office in Bradenton. I needed the money and asked if I could do the job in her place. She said yes.” Michael found a place to work on the project where he could use their materials and pay them; however, the owner would not let him work inside, so he set up an area in the parking lot and went to work. “That was my first solo commercial framing job. Completely stressful, but in the end, I got through it and everyone was happy with the final product.”


From there, Michael realized he was good enough to go on his own. “I rented a friend’s garage on Davis Islands and started my framing business.” Word spread quickly and his framing business started to blossom.



Today Michael Murphy Gallery is an iconic fixture in South Tampa. We have been on MacDill Avenue for almost 33 years. After almost 50 years in the art industry, Michael Murphy Gallery has mastered framing and art unbelievably well, resulting in absolutely beautiful, customized masterpieces that last lifetimes.



Mission Statement

Michael Murphy Gallery is driven to enrich the lives of our clients. This is achieved by continued education of both our gallery staff and our clients. We provide elegant, timeless artwork for our clients’ home and office environment as well as unique and classic framing design. We at Michael Murphy Gallery strongly believe in the preservation of art through the latest technology in archival framing.



Vision Statement

Michael Murphy Gallery is the brand name to the consumer for art, framing and interiors. We are known as a trusted resource in the art, framing, and interiors industry. We dominate the consumer art and framing world.  We do this with our retail galleries. Our corporate division focuses on companies that understand the value of a great environment for their employees and clients. We develop unique concepts for each office interior as well as bring high value to companies, employees and clients. Our ability to find new talented artists and develop them drives our wholesale division.



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