A corporate art collection two years in the making, this collaboration between University of Tampa president Dr. Ronald Vaughn and Tampa’s premier art gallery fulfills the university’s vision for well-rounded education.

Tampa, Fla. (Oct. 26, 2022) – Now officially open, the new Technology Building located at the heart of the University of Tampa campus boasts six floors, 105,000 square feet, and a stunning collection of over 70 individual pieces of contemporary art developed by Michael Murphy Gallery, Tampa’s premier fine art gallery.


The collection is the result of two years of collaboration between gallery owner Michael Murphy and University of Tampa president Dr. Ronald Vaughn. The president’s vision: an educational environment that encourages the holistic growth of its students.


“I have the highest respect for Dr. Vaughn and his vision,” says Michael Murphy. “It’s not about turning out students with degrees – it’s about creating well-rounded individuals.”


This educational goal requires a multidisciplinary approach. The Technology Building houses cutting-edge academic programs in computer science, business information technology, and cybersecurity, among others. To bring balance to this STEM-heavy environment, Dr. Vaughn wanted to organically incorporate the arts into the building – inspiring students with other forms of creativity.


“I have the highest respect for Dr. Vaughn and his vision. It’s not about turning out students with degrees – it’s about creating well-rounded individuals.”


- Michael Murphy, owner of Michael Murphy Gallery

With decades of experience in art consultation, Michael Murphy knew how to translate Dr. Vaughn’s vision into reality. It took a highly personal approach. He worked directly with the university president, the building architect and her team, and artist Sara Conca to hand-select the artwork. Each piece had to flow with the building’s design while also provoking the viewer into contemplation at key moments. Artwork color, size, medium, location, position, and lighting were all taken into account.


Beyond art curation, the Michael Murphy Gallery team oversaw the entire collection development from transportation and storage to installation and security.

The result: an expertly curated collection that will bring color to the Technology Building and embody the University of Tampa’s educational vision for years to come.




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Michael Murphy Gallery uses a proprietary art consultation process developed over decades to tell your organization’s story. Their uniquely hands-on approach, tailored to each organization’s vision, budget, and space, has won the gallery clients such as the New York Times, the Tampa International Jet Center, and the United Soccer League. Learn more about Michael Murphy Gallery’s corporate art consultation services at mmgart.com/corporate.


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