Feb 28th, 2017

Robin Austin, Iconic Photo Mosaic Storyteller

Robin Austin has always been a storyteller-whether earlier in his career, branding successful global companies, or now creating a rich landscape of images of our shared cultural heritage. Each work is a visual celebration of moments captured in time. You never look at the same image in the same way twice. Each look reveals a facet of the story anew. Its all there: movies, music, fashion, sex, sports, politics, current events – the iconic stuff that shapes our lives. Robin was born in England and now lives in the northeast.

Printed in limited editions of 25 on acrylic and 24 on Dye-Sublimation Metal Prints, measuring upwards of 60″ by 40″, his artwork has found homes in restaurants, galleries, bars, hotels, private residences, commercial headquarters and showrooms around the world, attracting fans and followers inextricably connected to his graphic multi-layered stories about lives that have shaped their lives.