Shane Pendley


Patrick “Shane” Pendley was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1971. His father served in the Military and his family later settled in the Great Miami Valley outside of Dayton, Ohio where he spent the majority of his childhood. Patrick “Shane” Pendley received a BFA from Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida (2000). While living in NYC for a short while he worked for American painter, Gregory Amenoff, and later went on to Los Angeles where he began teaching marketing and design esthetics related to branding for small businesses. Patrick “Shane” Pendley has been exhibiting his paintings Nationwide for decades and currently resides in Tampa, Florida. His paintings are included in many public and private collections across the country. His work has been referred to as Organic Abstraction with notes of Asian Print influences and is known to have a nostalgic quality of European influences.

Artist Statement

I utilize atmosphere as a basis for all my paintings. I have always gravitated towards building the atmosphere of my work where I can select, amplify or simplify the surface. This process creates a foundation in all of my paintings. This is the environment of my work, and it is extremely vital. This process provides the forms or subjects I choose, whether it be wrought iron, birds, botanical or visual icons, a place to coexist. The subject matter of images I select is usually both philosophical and full of visual sentiment. Manipulated and layered my work shares personal experiences, both real and fictitious, and are presented in revelry of nature that carries a whimsical fascination of otherworldly places. I work from a self-generated fictitious storybook called “A Painter’s Diary” where I create chapters of work as opposed to series of work. Each chapter has a title and holds a theme. The storybook and the paintings are filled with imaginative and suggested experiences. My creative process used on my paintings involves continual change moving through layers of color and medium. This process evolves into an expression of translucent organic form, accompanied with delicate structure.

Michael Murphy from Michael Murphy Gallery interviews gallery artist Shane Pendley about his inspiration and process of creating his art. In this first installment of six videos, they discuss Shane’s large painting of an abstract owl titled, Chapter 19, Treeview Drive.