Cee Pil


Elusive Belgian artist Cee Pil was born in Ostend in 1977, and is world-renowned for his graffiti art and groundbreaking murals. Many of his paintings unite animals with machinery as an homage to the power and influence animals had in our economy prior to “everything becoming mechanized.”


In his own words: “My pace of life and visions cannot adapt to educational programs. I am self-taught and a full-time graffiti artist. Before I became involved in graffiti art, I did a lot of different things, like being a musician and a conceptual artist. As an artist, I’m detached from my artwork. I’m just the intermediary and believe that you should let art speak for itself. For me it’s the creative process that is most important, not me. After the work is finished and I have taken the final photos, I let it go and forget about it. And I move on to the next project.”


The way that Cee Pil describes himself provides an insight into his world and his way of thinking: an outsider, conceptual painter, inventor of radical concepts, groundbreaker, rule-breaker, anarchist, activist, and revolutionary painter of magnificent absurdity.




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