Zero Gradient


I believe to create you must first destroy. Whether that is physically or digitally, through disruption or defragmentation, or via the re-imagination of memory and reality; my work always begins from a viewpoint of disrupting the norm to allow me to develop something new. I am a multimedia artist, using both traditional and digital processes to produce my art, and wherever possible, looking at ways to combine the two into something new. I like to be able to use a variety of medium to allow me to realize my ideas, choosing the method that best works for each piece. Painting, video work, sculpture, light and sound all play a major role in the work I am currently producing.


I am interested in how we interpret not only art, but also the world around us as a whole. I want my work to interact with the viewer, and for the observer, in turn, to react back to it. To question their preconceptions and in many cases question what is the art, and what is merely a vessel from which the artwork is created. What initially draws the viewer towards my art is often just misdirection, a means to end. It is only through exploring the work and the alternatives that it produces, that the audience can fully see the work being created and allow them the opportunity to have a direct impact on their own experiences when viewing it.


– Zero Gradient



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