John Schuyler


John Schuyler was born in New York in 1965. He began experimenting with various painting techniques in the late 1990’s and became absorbed in the texture created by different applications of paint and mixed media to his canvas.

As his captivation with texture progressed, the content and form of his paintings became simpler. The balance of contrast and color became a secondary focal point to texture in his art.

Inspired by what he describes as his day-to-day environment, Schuyler’s studio is designed for promoting serenity and concentration. He hopes this soothing sense of calm and control translate into his work.

Artist Statement

Schuyler’s art process consists of applying layers and then proceeding to scrape and scratch through to expose the ones underneath. John does this to allow the paintings reveal themselves slowly, asking you to explore each layer and examine the relationships between space and depth, and presence and absence.

His unconventional approach to painting leaves powerful impressions on viewers.

“The biggest difference is my approach,” says Schuyler. “Rather than undertake each painting with a predetermined idea of the outcome, I’ve started to let each piece unfold on its own and as a result, the work has come to me a lot easier… Ultimately and ideally, I hope each viewer takes away his or her own strong feeling from my work and that the pieces somehow resonate on an unconscious level with them.”

Personal Statement

“Art is a form of communication that connects you with other living things. It is everywhere and in everything which we either choose to see or not. My paintings are a way to communicate on a basic level. But moreover it is a means that enables me to pursue my passion on much more deeper level. My passion is to communicate in a profoundly positive way to those that I am fortunate to do so. Passion is a Luxury. Your life is the masterpiece and you are the brush, choose to create beauty. We are directly connected to our environment that we let effects us in either a positive or negative way. Inspire those around you and they will in return inspire you.. Treat those around you with love and kindness and they will in return do the same. Charity is a selfish act which brings you joy. Choose to be selfish.”