Marcelle Zanetti


Marcelle Zanetti has a B.S. in Painting and Art Education from Southern Connecticut State University and attended the University of Massachusetts. Represented by galleries nationwide during the past 25 years, her paintings are in permanent exhibits at museums and corporate and private collections.

Artist Statement

I have always been a working artist, painting in oil and acrylic mediums. A painter’s painter, always surface oriented, my emphasis is placed not only on the means and concepts to produce a particular piece but also on the finished surface. Built up pigment create a rich, multilayered composition. This emphasis draws the viewer in to observe how the color, light, movement, and composition all combine. The contrast of brilliant and saturated color becomes a spring board for the ideas I wish to convey.


My most recent paintings are concerned with technical and environmental changes which further explore the painting surface. Sympathetic to global compromises, my goal is to transform those thoughts into a series of paintings. Discovering an abstract language by creating a painted dialogue between Art History, technology, nature, environmental changes, line, color, movement and form has been the catalyst.


My recent abstract series has produced many ideas for thought and exploration. Starting with plastic bottles in combination with natural and man-made invasive species created a bridge between realism and abstraction. Inundated by high tech gadgets prompted manipulation of images through computer posterization. This coupled with the Orphic Movement of the early 20th century produced my next series.


My love of minimalism and art history produced paintings evolving rising water. Our corporate work ethic bore a Moving and Nonstop Series. Sensitivity to our surroundings has been the catalyst of these organic variations. This dialogue will be continued in order to express, as well as stimulate thoughts concerning the necessary balance between consumerism, abuse and reclamation by nature.