Robin Austin


Robin Austin has always been a storyteller-whether earlier in his career, branding successful global companies, or now creating a rich landscape of images of our shared cultural heritage. Each work is a visual celebrations of moments captured in time. You never look at the same image in the same way twice. Each look reveals a facet of the story anew. Its all there: movies, music, fashion, sex, sports, politics, current events – the iconic stuff that shapes our lives. Robin was born in England and now lives in Weston, CT.

“Robin Austin (Iconic Photo Mosaic Storyteller) is a force of nature, an aesthetic alchemist who converts cultural dots into the here and now,” said New York art dealer Gene Seidman, who said Robin’s appeal as an artist goes way beyond what we’ve seen before. “We live in a photocracy where images take the place of words and celebrities are the icons of our culture. Robin’s work captures, reimagines and serves them up in such a way that he accelerates their essence and tells their stories, fully, through impactful images.”-Gene Seidman