2022 Gallery Renovations



After 16 years at this location, the gallery is due for a refresh! We will be replacing the gallery roof and air conditioning units, revamping the framing wall, and refreshing the interior. Here's a quick guide to our renovation schedule and available services.

The gallery will be closed to the public starting Saturday, May 7 for approximately 2 weeks.

The gallery will be open as usual through Wednesday, May 4. We will be open in a limited capacity on Thursday, May 5 and Friday, May 6 during regular gallery hours (11 am - 6 pm). Artwork will not be on display in the gallery on those days as it will be safely stored for the renovations. For details on arranging an in-person artwork viewing, see the "Art" section below.

We all know construction timelines are liable to change.
Please follow us for the latest renovation updates!

Here is how our available services will change during renovations.


Our gallery location may temporarily close, but our art is always at your fingertips! Artwork will be available for virtual viewing and purchase via our website throughout the renovations. Browse our art here.


In-person artwork viewing at our temporary location behind the gallery can be arranged during the renovations by appointment only.


Please contact us at 813.902.1414 or gallery@mmgart.com to coordinate artwork viewing, pick up or delivery during the renovations.


Current Projects

Our framing team is unstoppable! We will continue to work on all current framing projects at our production facility in Ybor City during the renovations. If we finish your framing project during the renovations, we will contact you to coordinate a delivery or a pick up at our temporary location behind the gallery. For updates on current gallery projects, please contact the gallery at 813.902.1414 or gallery@mmgart.com.


New Projects


If you want to start a new framing project before renovations begin, you must schedule a framing consultation before Thursday, May 5 at 813.902.1414 or gallery@mmgart.com. We will not be able to select new framing projects during the renovations.

Completed Projects & Holds


If you have a completed framing project waiting at the gallery, please come by as soon as possible to pick it up before we close for the renovations! If you need it delivered, contact us immediately at 813.902.1414 or gallery@mmgart.com.


If you have a framing project on hold, we ask that you either start the framing project before Friday, May 6 or else pick it up. We will be in touch with the owners of overdue holds; overdue holds must be either renewed or picked up or they will be considered abandoned and disposed of. Call us at 813.902.1414 with any questions or concerns.

Other Services

For all other services, please contact us at 813.902.1414 or gallery@mmgart.com to check on their availability during the renovations.

Questions or concerns?

Reach us at 813.902.1414 or gallery@mmgart.com!

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