Susan Dauphinee


When one thinks of Florida, the images of towering palm trees, waving fields of sawgrass and ever-changing tides come instantly to mind. They are the heart of what makes this State unique and beautiful. Artist Susan Dauphinee skillfully ensnares that essence in her work, creating landscapes as varied and enigmatic as those fashioned by Nature. Her style is impressionistic, capturing the organized chaos of the natural world. Her brushwork is expansive, enthusiastic and vibrant. There is movement; a richness of depths created by layers of translucent colors overlaid with light and shadow. Her paintings elicit an emotional response from those who see them, reaching out to draw them into the world captured on that canvas.

A graduate of the Ringling School of Fine Arts in Sarasota, Susan has always felt a deep connection with the creative spirit of artistic expression. As a child, she remembers making her own paper dolls, and designing wardrobes of clothing for them. A quiet, introspective teenager, painting and drawing were her means of self-expression. After high school, attending a fine arts college just seemed like the natural thing for her to do. Although her original plan was to become a fashion illustrator/designer, once she began painting, that medium became her consuming passion.