Alex Charriol


Alexander Charriol uses Fauvist-inspired emotive colors and expressive strokes to reflect a youthful perspective. His work has been influenced partially by his famous father’s own talent “and by the uninhibited philosophy of artist Jean-Michele Basquiat. Inspired by the latter’s primitiveness and freedom, Alexander learned that in art it was possible to paint without any rules, any boundaries and any limitations to what an artist could express (Elsa Au) ”. His work is often comprised of narrative images infused with wit, humor, playful strokes, and a faux naïve style creating engaging and enjoyable pieces. Alexander’s full life and loves greatly effect and inform his work.

He was born in Hawaii to French parents and is the son of the famous Charriol family that owns an internationally distributed luxury brand. He lived in many places throughout the world before finally finding his home in New York. He has shown in both museums and galleries internationally for years and recently completed a show in Tokyo. His shows are frequented by legends of New York Society, like the Rockefellers, and have completely sold out in New York, Paris, and Hong Kong. Today, he lives and works in Chelsea and is greatly influence by his experiences in New York City.