Artist Profile | Michael Murphy Gallery

Beatricia Sagar

Artist Statement

My work begins with inspiration, meaning a timely or creative idea. Since I always work in series it is probably provoked by what came before, the anxiety caused by not getting it right, and the desire to stay in the bliss of working. It is like rubbing two sticks together to create fire. In my case, the sticks are the vast amount of materials, the color of the paints, the possibilities of texture, line producing elements, canvas, words, printing blocks, and the manipulation of papers.

The fire is the work itself. It is the experience of, with idea in mind, putting on the paint, adding texture, making a line, rubbing it out, scraping and scratching, printing, and abandoning the idea to the visual presence of its interpretation. Being open to all of the new inventions that present themselves is challenging, because it requires taking away, oh, what looked so beautiful and replacing it with the unknown. There is a certain risk, that is the fire.

People always tell me that my work looks very Asian. I agree. Growing up in New York there was fascination in the seductive nature of the Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Thai markets. The amazing color, the fabrics, and designs were exotic and brought images of far away places and cultures, and eventual travel which has influenced my work. Layered over that is my spiritual nature which looks toward the positive and hopes to reflect harmony, joy, and wholeness in my work.