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Opening of PENULTIMATE Opening of December 5th, from 6 PM to 8 PM at Michael Murphy Gallery Showing the completed paintings by Shane Pendley of Chapter 19, “Treeview,”

Realist abstract painter, Shane Pendley believes life flows in chapters. As an artist, his paintings are a reflection of his life and, as such, follow these chapters. They are creating a visual history of his life.

Shane’s first book Chapters: A painters Diary would contain 20 Chapters.

Join us in experiencing the completed paintings of Chapter 19, “Treeview,” as he begins the 20th and final chapter for this book.

“Shane paints layer by layer using glazes, and each layer adds to the final artwork. Each layer builds up to the finished piece which may expose a very small part of the first layer of the painting. This time-consuming process produces a depth and richness that transcends this world. There is no shortcut in the creative journey for Shane to craft an artwork. It is labor. It is knowledge. It is time. It is living the painting, which is Shane Pendley’s brilliance.”
– Michael Murphy, Gallerist

Click Here to view Shane Pendley‘s artwork

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